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"Colly is an outstanding, Sales Training professional. He has an excellent ability to quickly translate an organisation's strategic objectives into focussed sales training programs. He builds strong rapport with training participants, creating engagement and very high satisfaction ratings. Ultimately, his programs meet and exceed the desired outcomes for all involved."

Dermot Walsh
CEO at Each&Other

"I brought Colly in to run a course for a NPO client of mine. The course was extremely well received with great feedback from the team. In working with Colly I found him to be passionate in delivering training that empowered and motivated. I would certainly recommend Colly to anyone considering developing their team"

Kelsey Buck
Independent Consultant at Solutions2Business

"We engaged Colly to help our staff team develop their customer focus, he put together a number of workshops that were tailored to our specific needs, the results were instant (within days) and had a very positive impact. Colly was able to help us better understand and manage complaints and to turn them into a positive experience for our clients."

Phil Davison
MD at the UK's Leading property debt specialist

"I worked with Colly on a Sales training day and felt it imperative to take the time out to thank him. His approach is straight forward and no nonsense, and he provides practical, applicable advice…. quite a rare trait amongst some trainers! Colly tailored the day to my needs whilst ensured I got as much from the day as possible. I have changed some of my sales techniques and now find certain aspects of the sales process much more achievable and far less daunting. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Colly as a Sales trainer."

Joanne Smith
Introducing employable graduates to businesses

"Colly is an excellent mentor. Colly equipped our Prince's Trust Million Makers Team with the tools to maximise the sale of our product to raise funds for the charity. His deliver was simple but effective that even those on the team who had little or no experience of sales where able to apply the principles with great success."

Yvonne Bell
Legal Advisor at Allstate Northern Ireland

"We engaged Salesxcellence to deliver sales training for our team it was obvious from the onset that Colly had first-hand sales experience and his telesales training course was lively, practical, motivating and has greatly improved the performance of our staff. Would we use Colly's services again yes, very much so. Would we recommend Colly .......yes, he's a real professional who gets results "

Ian Sanderson
Owner at Allround Vision Middle East Safety Equipment

"As soon as you speak with Colly Graham you know that you are dealing with a sales professional that has carried a bag and managed a sales organization. His business acumen, sales knowledge and experience along with his wit and humour make him a great fit for any organization that wants to improve their sales performance. "

Tom Williams
Author, Sales Trainer & Consultant l Helping Sales Organizations Increase Deal Velocity & Win Rates

"Colly Graham is in my opinion the best sales trainer I have ever meet. The fact that as he says “he carried the bag for thirty years “gives you the confidence that he’s been there and done it. His style is uncomplicated, and he is excellent at talking through specific issues and his telephone sales training courses remove the “fear of the phone “. On top of all that he’s also a nice guy who it’s a pleasure and fun to be with."

Ivan McCombe
“We do as it says on the tin”

"I'd first heard about Colly through a colleague at a networking event 2 years ago and finally had the opportunity to attend one of his sales training seminars 'People buy from People' last month. Colly did not disappoint! The best sales training I've ever attended; he gives practical training, in a relaxed manner, that makes a difference to your business straightaway. He's a lovely person too! I'm recommending him to everyone. Tanya Jackson"

Tanya Jackson
Donor Development Manager at Cancer Fund for Children

"Colly is a real expert in his field of sales - he is extremely knowledgeable and experienced which he shares with others in a very generous way. He brings sales alive and relevant to clients regardless of their services or products. He leaves you inspired and energized to embrace and develop your selling skills and grow your business. "

Claire Bain
I provide facilitation to build engagement, capability and performance

"Colly is a joy to work with; mindful of the details, clear in his communication of what is needed and ever thoughtful of those he is working with and for. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his business."

Dr Moira Sweeney
Documentary filmmaker, photographer and educator:

"I recently attended a presentation given by Colly at the Banbridge Enterprise Centre and have to admit it was a most inspiring hour. Colly has the capacity to engage fully with his audience; that magic combination of serious message and superb delivery. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with him. "

Anne Murphy
Parttime Lecturer at South Eastern Regional College

"I attended a Training course Colly. Colly comes with fantastic experience and is clearly an expert in the field of selling. Colly is also a gifted trainer and makes learning an enjoyable experience. I also found Colly warm and approachable with a very likable personality. I would recommend Colly's services to anyone who wants to improve their selling skills. "

Peter Brankin
Managing Director at Choogoo Ltd

"I experienced Colly during a presentation organised through the BNI Big Ideas Events late in 2011 and found his presentation useful and helped me to see things in a way that, even as a sales trainer myself, I had not thought of before. I would definitely recommend him in providing excellent sales training."

Lisa Barwise
Wellness Alchemist | Female Empowerment + Business Coach

"Colly is a great trainer and excellent at delivering actual business improvements immediately after training. You need to hire Colly for your businesses today."

Martin Crilly CEng MIET MCIIS
Chief Architect & Engineering Authority (BAE Systems KSA)

"I have had the pleasure of attending a Sales Seminar ran by Colly. Colly is a highly experienced Sales professional with a proven track record in Sales, Sales Training and Sales Management. Colly combines the very best in training and advice with his back-to-basics approach to building relationships and rapport and ultimately selling successfully to utilising modern technology to enhance your product or service offering. I have no hesitation in recommending Colly as a Sales Trainer of the highest calibre. "

Daniel M
Client Executive at Invest Northern Ireland

"Colly Graham is a force of nature, and a positive one at that - he is an encourager, and an educator, a facilitator, and a friend to any and all that engage. I not yet met anyone who does not speak highly of this man of principle and, even more, I know those who have invested in the relationship who say he has become a true friend and deeply trusted confidant. I have no hesitation in recommending Colly to any business leader who wants a seasoned, yet bang-up-to-date, professional to guide their team in moving 3 to 5 steps ahead on the competitive ladder. Call me for more insight - and know that what I tell you privately I would say in front of Colly. "

Mark Finlay
Geopolitical & Corporate Strategist. Special Advisor. Author & Keynote Speaker

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